DAJ Guest Writers – OPEN CALL

Guest writers is an opportunity for emerging writers to be published on our website and social media channels. Each month from September to December we will select two writers to write and contribute a creative writing piece or a review of a dance piece they have recently watched live or online. They will have the opportunity to work closely with DAJ team members who will give feedback on their writing once it has been submitted.

We are hoping that this new approach will diversify our approach to dance writing by bringing in new voices on our platform. Furthermore we want to give the chance to anyone who is at the beginning stages of exploring writing about art to get more practice and feedback from our collective. Our dance writers are all professionals with years experience, and have been published in Dancing Times and Wonderful World of Dance. DAJ team members have led dance writing events at Siobhan Davies Studios and 2Faced Dance Company.

To apply: You do not need to be an experienced dance reviewer but we would like you to submit two examples of your writing: one review (of a film, performance or exhibition) and one creative writing of any kind (poem, short story, prose). The review shouldn’t exceed two sides of A4 but the creative piece can be as short or long as you wish. These pieces will not be the ones that are published as part of the series as we will work on that together. We just need to see whether your writing style is a good fit!

We really encourage applicants from working class/BIPOC backgrounds to apply! Dance writing is very white/middle-class and we wanna help change that.

You can send your application to: [email protected] by 27th August 2021, with the subject line ‘GUEST WRITERS – name’.

DAJ’s team members work voluntarily so unfortunately there isn’t a fee for this work. However, you will receive benefits including access to feedback from DAJ’s experienced team members and get your work posted on a well-respected, One Dance UK nominated dance platform.