who we are

welcome to the dance art journal!

the dance art journal is a collective of dance writers and artists who all met at Resolution 19 at the Place.

we see ourselves as reviewers, feature writers, interviewers and most importantly inquisitive people. we support the artists we review and work with, to create writing that is informative and engaging. as emerging dance writers, we place heavy precedence on shining important light on the artists, dancers and choreographers of tomorrow.

current contributing writers:

Katie Hagan, Sophie Chinner, Izzy Rogers, Stella Rousham, Giordana Patumi, Jessie Acton, Bengi-Sue Sirin and Adam Moore.

would you like to collaborate?

here at the dance art journal we believe dance writing is an is form in its own right. we are built on collaboration, and are always looking for new writers to join us on our journey.

feel free to get in touch for all collaboration enquiries: danceartjournal@aol.com. Also, follow us on Instagram to connect with us!