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We’re a platform for independent artists. we’d like to grow and we need your help!

Over the past year, we are so happy and grateful to have been welcomed into the independent dance community with such warmth and appreciation. We receive great feedback that never fails to put a smile on our faces.

We are super committed to what we do, and want to be able to keep growing. Like all small businesses, however, who do not receive any funding, this does mean we require support.

It is why we have created a Patreon page for those of you interested in supporting our continued growth. Alternatively we are also accepting donations for the important work we produce.

Your kind donations will support DAJ’s running costs, the creation of printed material, and the creative energy all of our writers put into DAJ.

We all work super hard and want to keep moving and grooving our way to being an important platform for independent artists. We hope you can join and support us on our journey!

Love Katie Hagan, DAJ founder x