Three artists to present at Luxembourg Showcase

The first official Luxembourg Showcase of dance will take place at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, bringing together three extraordinary movement artists: Simone Mousset, Jill Crovisier and Giovanni Zazzera.

The Luxembourg Showcase comes to Edinburgh courtesy of Kultur| lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, an initiative created in July 2020 by the country’s Ministry of Culture with the aim of supporting, promoting and developing the Luxembourgish cultural scene.

Each of the three artists showcasing work has a strong visual identity and approach. Award-winning artist Jill Crovisier makes their UK debut with The Hidden Garden. The Hidden Garden is a visually rich solo work which takes inspiration from the gothic novel, fantasy literature and the customs of modern life to create a world which is surreal, yet grounded in reality. The UK premiere of the work will see performances run from 13-26 August at Summerhall, seeing Crovisier return to the work for the first time since she originated the role in 2016.

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The Hidden Garden by Jill Crovisier. Credit: Boshua

Choreographer Simone Mousset makes Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut with absurd, silly and surreal The Passion of Andrea 2 at Dance Base. The work explores a feeling of overwhelm and uneasiness, during an age of confusion, confrontation, and power struggle.

Inspired by an aspiration to capture confusion, fear and overwhelm in a world increasingly divided by anger, conflict, instability, mistrust and opinion, The Passion of Andrea 2 masquerades as a sequel to an earlier non-existent version of itself, presenting a solution that constantly escapes us. The Passion of Andrea 2 will be performed at Assembly @ Dance Base from Tuesday 13 – Sunday 25 August (not Mondays) at 7pm. Book here.

Part of acclaimed three-part dance series LE TRIPTYQUE, which explores the range of human thought through a philosophical lens, NEGARE is a solo dance-theatre show with strong absurdist and surrealist themes by acclaimed Z Art Dance Company and choreographed by Giovanni Zazzerra. Dream-like and beautifully wacky, NEGARE looks at identity and questions whether we can ever really know anyone at all. Performances take place at C Venue at the C Aquila Studio from 12-15 August 12 – 25 August. Book here.

Header image credit: Nadya Gorodetskaya