Jordan James Bridge on new work Terra | Astra

Last year saw the launch of Ballet Nights, a platform for dancers from the worlds of classical ballet and contemporary dance to come together, showcase existing and new works, and celebrate the two dance forms.

Enabling audiences to get ‘up close’ to dance and the artists (there’s a opportunity to meet dancers after the show), Ballet Nights returns for its next event, New Futures, later this month 28-29 June at Lanterns Studio Theatre, London.

One of the works being performed is Terra | Astra by choreographer, founder of Jordan Bridge Dance and Studio Wayne McGregor dancer Jordan James Bridge.

Performed by Sangeun Lee and Gareth Haw, “Terra|Astra translates into English as ‘from the land to the stars’,” says Jordan. “Without it being an obvious narrative, the idea is that Gareth is the land/Terra and Sangeun is the stars/Astra so there’s something quite ethereal, visceral, vivid and that’s very interesting to me as a creator.”

“Seeing my choreography on Gareth and Sangeun is really beautiful,” Jordan continues. “I’ve worked with many dancers over the years in the contemporary world as well as the classical realm. Because Sangeun and Gareth have known each other for a long time, the element of trust between them to be on and off in a pendulum manner is fascinating.”

Terra | Astra features cinematic music by pianist Viktor Erik Emanuel, inspired by Hans Zimmer’s work, and starry costumes by Sara McKenzie. These choices were integral to developing and extending the mood of the work, as Jordan highlighted.

Jordan James Bridge. Photo credit: Rick Guest.

The wider New Futures programme features work from Kennedy Junior Mutanga, Felicity Chadwick, James Cousins and more.

Book your ticket here. New Futures takes place 28-29 June.

Header image by Viktor Erik Emanuel.