What dance shows to see at Edinburgh Fringe 2024

Edinburgh Fringe kicks off in a couple of months, with dance artists from all over the UK and beyond coming together for a month of dance and theatre in the Scottish capital.

There are always so many exciting shows to see at Fringe. Dance artists take to the Fringe’s various performance venues to perform works that cover a range of themes and encourage you to think and feel a little differently.

We’ve put together a list of shows to see at Edinburgh Fringe below:

Image by Solomon Charles-Kelly.

Occupational Hazard by ACCA Dance Theatre

Fusing comedy, clowning and choreography, Occupational Hazard follows the day in the life of air hostesses Becky and Linda, ACCAirways’ creme de la creme. Though at times tongue in cheek to entertain a plane full of passengers, the show delves deeper than the interplay between Becky and Linda, as they navigate consent as a female in the service industry. You’re in safe hands when you fly with Becky and Linda, so sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight!

This is ACCA’s first full length show. Don’t miss it when it comes to Fringe 2-4 August at Assembly @ Dance Base. Book here.

Birthday Fish Theatre

Combining physical theatre with surrealist horror and cartoon comedy, Birthday Fish asks: Are we all fish out of water?

Erin and Steph are Northern performers and writers based in London. They met whilst training in contemporary dance at Trinity Laban, and lived together for two years forming their now 7 year-long friendship.

Birthday Fish was born out of their desire to write and perform work that felt relevant and relatable to themselves and their peers. Erin and Steph brought their love for comedy, surrealism and cartoon characters together with physical theatre to explore the realities of being in your twenties, navigating life as a creative, living in a big city… and feeling like a fish out of water.

Book here. At Fringe from 20-24 August.

bambule.babys my home is not my home

After its 2018 Fringe success with Baby Paradise German bambule.babys is bringing their provocative performance piece my home is not my home to this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

A bizarre choreography of deconstructed Christian images, clumsy bodies, shaken by rituals, a blind Jesus mumbling fragmented prayers, transgressive actions full of bananas and lipstick, outsider saints in fairy lights – my home is not my home is a dark piece of physical theatre. By portraying Madonna and Jesus as trash prophets, the piece takes a deep and honest look at those who are marginalised by our society.

Unsurprisingly, those very first iterations of my home is not my home were met with censorship and resulted in a scandal that gripped the artistic community in Pohl’s hometown throughout 2018. Local administrative and religious groups made efforts to have Pohl and the work cancelled, including a widespread anti-feminist campaign with Pohl as a key target. Pohl continued working and was awarded the title “Bavaria-bornartist to watch” by Bayerischer Rundfunk the following year.

Book here. At Fringe from 2-25 Aug 2024 (not 12, 19)

 Rendez-Vous dance’s What songs may do…

Celebrating love in all its diversity, What songs may do…is a highly physical, absorbing dance duet created by the award-winning choreographer Mathieu Geffré for his own company, Rendez-Vous dance.  Danced by Oliver Chapman and Paolo Pisarra to the music of the legendary Nina Simone.

A prize-winning piece, Geffré has created a piece of intense, poetic physical drama.  By focusing on the emotional connection between the two men onstage, the piece examines and exposes the fractured relationship of a once romantic couple as they delve into their past in an attempt to rebuild their future together.  Through Nina Simone’s music, the piece shines a light on our deep-rooted connection to memories through music and proposes the power of what songs may (actually) do.

Book here. What songs may do…. comes to Dance Base Studio 1 August 6th-11th.