Metal & Water a new studio for dance

Metal & Water is a new creative studio for dance, creating, producing and curating live, digital, film and participatory dance at the leading edge of new practice. 

The team of producers, curators, and researchers are led by an ethic of accessibility and equity and by its shared dedication to enquire deeply into the capacity of dance and choreography for re-imagining and being together.

Metal & Water is a space that Nancy May Roberts has “been dreaming up and cultivating in collaborations for a decade.” It has been brought into being in the past two years through close co-holding with fellow dance producers Lucia Fortune-Ely, Lauren Wright and Elsabet Yonas.

The team works closely with artists to create the optimal conditions for the creation and sharing of dance & choreography, producing live performances, film, interdisciplinary work and participatory programmes. Metal & Water works on projects with partners across independent, commercial, community and social-healthcare spaces, contributing to research looking at choreography within and outside of dance-making and advocating for the value of this work within and beyond the arts. 

Metal & Water currently work with artists including: Annie HanauerFUBUNATIONJenny MooreSeke ChimutengwendeShannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus,  SERAFINE1369Shivaangee AgrawalWet Mess and Yewande 103

To find out more about Metal & Water’s work, collaborations and what’s on visit: