inklingroom at The Yard Theatre on 28 September

inklingroom presents a multidisciplinary live event at The Yard Theatre in London. Featuring live choreography, performance art, contemporary dance and leftfield club music from emerging independent artists.

Multidisciplinary art platform and label ‘inklingroom’ debuts with the event The Yard Theater in London on 28th September. The event is promised to be an immersive night that transcends the boundaries of contemporary dance, performance art, and cutting-edge electronic music. The London/Bristol-based platform’s next event instalment invites its audience to the communal gathering, party and showcase of art that showcases a contrasting selection of multidisciplinary emerging artists from choreography, performance art, DJ sets, and live music.


The event will show some of the debut performances and premiers, including the first UK live concert by Danish leftfield pop artist Karen Juhl, who will be performing her highly anticipated debut album ‘Mother Tongue’—followed by the premiere of a new contemporary dance solo piece, ‘soliloquy of a fly’ by Chinese Bristol-based choreographer Chen Yin, where she explores the interplay between dance and sound and human voice, blurring the lines between movement and performance art. London-based Latin American dance artist Alejandra Gissler will present her new solo piece, ‘Hold the wall, an exercise of soft confrontation’, indulging in physical resistance while meeting multiple surfaces and using her body as a territory to encounter. Bun Kobayashi’s ‘every angel is terrifying’ promises to bring an audience to their own encounter and is expected to be an unexpected movement piece; ‘Think of my teeth, sinking into your soft flesh, my claws, my jaws that open wider than your body’ Finally, behind the decks with a peculiar mix of fun, enchanting and unpredictable, welcoming London-based DJ Munni (we cannot wait). As well as the return of Scorpio Records co-founder Ans M – a DJ and producer from London who regularly joins forces with the like of Kelman Duran, now with a solo DJ set that promises some of the very best of leftfield electronics, intricate rhythms and wobbly basslines.


Alejandra Gissler
Bun Kobayashi
Chen Yin

Karen Juhl (live)