Sanctuary on the Fault Line’s latest gathering to explore dance’s potency

New women’s movement Sanctuary on the Fault Line is inviting women dancers and the public worldwide to a three day gathering that will orient dance deeper into its potency.

Taking place in-real-life and virtually between 8-10 January 2022, the gathering will dig deep into movement through womanhood and fugitivity, in order to lead us all towards greater health.

The wild gathering is called Rage Is A Sane Reaction. It will be based live at Out There Arts in Norfolk and online from wherever people are. Sanctuary on the Fault Line opens its arms out to everyone.

Women dancers will gather from across the earth to orient dance through the current crises, using their rage, frustration and exquisite skill. They will experience three days of classes, talks, repertoire, choreographic support, live conversations and wild dance films. The public will be able to join the key note talks, live conversations and film screenings.

Talks include: the role of female rage in the human family, the forgotten role of watching dance ~ part of the tapestry of human health, what it could best look like for dance to be ‘sustainable’ and the power of the arts as urgent message carrier.

Conversations include: research on tracking the effects on emotional health of Sanctuary on the Fault Line dances, unblocking the paths of belonging ~ the role of trespass, footpaths, wild swimming and dancing without permission in re-establishing belonging in a post clearings, post colonised world, and why it is that women’s movements often pivot on purpose, meaning, health and connection.

Speaking of the event Hayley J S Matthews, Dancer, Rolfer, care taker and initiator of Sanctuary on the Fault Line said: “I have designed this lab, the second of its kind, this time with chances for the public to join, to move us through a gateway. A gateway in a time of many crises. As part of moving through my suggestion is that we watch dance in the wild by women and remember that watching dance makes a huge contribution to our emotional health and our ability to move through challenging situations. Especially in times of crises, dance is a world building process, it is sacred neurological nourishment that moves us through territory that feels impossible to move through. And ‘woman’, the female part of our psyche, that men and women all have, but that is more known to women, is the one who keeps standing and conjures the new.”

To participate in this event, dancers can book here. The general public can book here.

Sanctuary on the Fault Line is an earth-wide fugitive movement of professional women dancers, dancing in the wild for local audiences. A breathing back of health and the deep feminine into dance, and through dance to you. A deep tidal return through many strata, to land on the truth that witnessing dance is sacred, world-building, neurological nourishment. A re-membering, that we are wilderness, and there is no better way than dancing to disappear us into this.

Sanctuary on the Fault Line also runs events and training that hold space for what they refer to as the ‘feminine’ aspects of dance performance training and cpd; presence, space for emotion, connection, ground, effortlessness, yielding, strength from letting go and vulnerability, the processing of our lives and emotions into choreography, community and health and well being.