DAJ is pleased to announce the first issue of its zine, Lines Curves Galaxies, is now published on Live Art Development Agency. With 27 submissions from across the globe and edited by our very own writer Angel Dust, the zine is an archive of poetic responses to performance art created and viewed over the past year.

The poems cover work by Frauke Requardt & Daniel Oliver, Lucy Suggate, Rosas, Dimitris Papaioannou, Sonia Plumb Dance Company, Hofesh Shechter Company and Francesca Mariano.

Purchasing the zine is on a pay what you can basis between 1-5 GBP and all donations will go into the production and printing of the next issue which will be dedicated to capturing the stories and work of queer independent dance artists in the UK and beyond.

The zine comes for free as part of being our Patreon. We have totally revamped our Patreon, where you can now support DAJ from £1 a month PLUS get access to loads of goodies! Please follow this link to support us and get your free copy of our zine!

Thanks to the 27 contributors: Reb Lé Chap, Mauriah Donegan Kraker, Ira Ferris, Ma. Elena Vásquez, Raphael Miro Holzer, Joana Millet Arias, Inês Carvalho, Lea Anderson, Léa Malgouyres, Sophie Chinner, Angela Dennis, Anna Zanetti, Baladeva Nitai, Anaïs Carmen Bourquin, Vertika Srivastava, Gianna Valenti, Alice Minervini, Sonia Plumb, Christiane Lange, Tiffany Mc Swaker, Maria Abrantes, Andrea Hackl, Maxine Flasher-Düzgünes, Katie Colombus, Giordana Patumi, Katie Hagan, Beatrice Scirocchi. Big thanks go to editor Angel Dust for putting together the zine.