We are very grateful to dance artist, Kashish Gaba who has shared his score ‘home under_construction’. Kashish is a recent MFA Choreography graduate from The University of Roehampton. He has worked with movement, video, visual, design and music artists, all contributing to his knowledge of performance arts. With some collaborators, he has presented works at The Place and Tate Exchange. He is interested in developing choreographies that challenge the notions of space, time and viewership. Kashish explores the possibilities of connecting movers and the viewers through movement and interactions, to create experiences rather than just a visual performance. Cultural identities, movement meditation, technology and score improvisation are some of the paths that he takes to mould his work.

HOME UNDER_CONSTRUCTION – a score by Kashish Gaba.

As we move out of our houses, back to the studios and theatres, let’s look around the objects in our homes and the cultural knowledge that your body contains. Let’s treat everything that you have collected of cultural value. Let’s imagine it as your cabinet of curiosities or your museum of culture. Let it define your cultural identity without merely belonging to a group.

Let me invite you to perform a movement score which intends for you to present your multicultural identity in a small video. Present your cabinet of curiosities and then bring all the identities together.

Bring your collection to one small space/frame. You can carry place tangible or intangible culture in any way you want to.You can place anything and as many things as you want
from clothes, sound, fragrance, food, objects, technological devices, knowledge, habits etc.
In this process ask yourself… how did you acquire them?
However, you feel comfortable present your mix of cultural value.You can stand or move within it or speak or sing or just be and any other way you find correct.Ask yourself… Does it represent your personal interest? Does it reflect on time and place you are living in? Does it only reflect one cultural group? To whom and how will you pass it on?When you are finished leave the space and leave something behind. Anything from a little object to memory, whatever feel is/was of cultural value, either visible or not. Leave it to look it from away or to just share, leave it to leave or relive.Post the video on Instagram with hashtag: #homeunder_construction to create a social choreography filled with curiosities.