Resolution19 the Place – review 3

Alice Bonazzi/Sara Marques IRMÃ

illyr untitled

Kamavera Dance Theatre Temporal Discord 

In most cases, a performance intentionally eliding any fixed ‘meaning’ is either enigmatic or cumbersome. illyrcomprises faceless male torsos, random instruments and onstage videos, adding an Ivo Van Hove-style voyeurism to a sexually perverse dance piece. In one instance, a male dancer rouses an inactive male body by singing into a microphone strapped to his chest. It is a pseudo-love scene exploited by a male actor, who at times needed to control his pitch. Although it is an intriguing piece revelling in its dissonance, holistically it felt like a series of vignettes illogically sewn together that didn’t quite reach the coherency needed to sustain its own energy. And that was a shame.

Alice Bonazzi’s and Sara Marques’ IRMàis a well-conceived performance in which you can do nothing but admire the sheer physicality of these two dancers and the dialogue they share. Everything in IRMàhas been meticulously selected to underpin the complex bond between sisters. The music features numbing white-noise inflected with childlike circus samples, designed to offer bittersweet reminders of a once easy bond. The choreography achieves the same and more. It is unique and indescribable. At one moment, Marques kneels to support Bonazzi as she rises horizontally off the floor facing the audience with only her hand for reinforcement. A piece with a clear thread, it is a pure and engrossing performance with purpose.

Temporal Discord by Kamavera Dance Theatre features some clean choreography that certainly plays to the strengths of each performer. Although it contains enviable extensions, the piece requires more grounding. Three performers onstage is such a loaded image. Are they reworking the Holy Trinity or the Three Fates? Whilst there was noticeable synergy and timing between the three, the relationship was difficult to gauge. Some moments, including the awkward death of the dancer in black, were off-key and lacking pathos. Wrestling with these ideas a little more would have driven this piece to the deeper level it needed.


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